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Elizabeth Arden Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ Lotion 
Why You’ll Love It:
I’ve seen the horrible, scaryphotos of sun damage, but — confession time — I’m not a saint when it comes to everyday application. As vain as it sounds, I don’t want my face looking super shiny all day at work or my makeup melting off because of the sunscreen on my face. Thanks to this new Elizabeth Arden sunscreen I can’t make any more excuses. While you do have to go to a physician’s office to get it, the product is a makeup savior –especially for women with oily skin. The lightweight formula applies like a serum and almost feels like a makeup primer. Once I applied my powder and concealer over it, you couldn’t tell I was wearing any SPF at all. I had no extra shine and my makeup stayed on almost longer than when I wear it with nothing underneath. And thanks to the antioxidant complex and DNA enzyme complex I actually feel like I’m doing my skin a little bit of good. 


Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46, $24
Why You’ll Love it: 
If you’re skin is prone to breakouts, daily facial sunscreen usually doesn’t help matters any. Dermatologists recommend physical sunscreens like this Elta MD one for the soothing properties of zinc oxide and titantium dioxide. Avoid chemical suncreens, which will often lead to more irritation and breakouts. This sunscreen is oil-free and contains high-purity niacinamide to calm not only acne, but also rosacea and other types of discoloration.