Lose Arm Fat for a Tank-Top Ready Body

Woman in sports bra pinching excess skin on upper arm

It is officially the season of showing more of our skin and bodies. The heat invites tank tops and bathing suits, showing off areas of the body we’ve been hiding during the cooler months. That brings us to arm fat. It’s a part of the body that looks amazing when slim and tone, and much less so when not. Fortunately, there are several ways to address unwanted arm fat through invasive and noninvasive cosmetic procedures, and The Derm Group’s board-certified specialists are here to offer guidance on your specific needs. There are several options available. Let’s break them down.

Surgical Liposuction

Most of us are familiar with traditional liposuction, or Tumescent lipo. This surgical procedure has been an effective way to remove unwanted fat for years, and it’s still just as popular as ever. By creating a tiny incision, a small tube is inserted to literally suction out fatty tissue in target areas, including the upper arms. After receiving this outpatient procedure, you can expect to stay home a few days and avoid strenuous activity for up to 2 weeks, but then it’s business as usual.

As an alternative, Smart Lipo is another type of liposuction but it instead uses laser energy to heat the fat before suctioning it out of the body. It’s less invasive than traditional lipo and is said to possibly stimulate collagen production as well.

Radiofrequency Energy to Burn Fat Cells

Another way to remove unwanted arm fat is by turning to radiofrequency energy procedures such as Vanquish and BodyTite to heat and kill fat cells. Vanquish is non-invasive, unlike BodyTite, and requires several weekly sessions to get the best contouring results. Alternatively, BodyTite uses radiofrequency as a form of liposuction, heating soft tissue to tighten it and suctioning out fat. The added benefit in BodyTite is, as the name suggests, it can tighten loose skin.

Electromagnetic Technology for Muscle Tone

Unlike the radiofrequency energy procedures, Emsculpt uses focused electromagnetic technology to tone muscle and burn fat. How? This FDA-approved procedure induces thousands of muscle contractions during a 30-minute session triggering lipolysis, a process that breaks down fat cells to supply energy to the muscles.

Warmsculpting Vs. Coolsculpting

While these seem like they could be the same procedure with a slightly different temperature, that’s not the case. Warmsculpture, or SculpSure, uses laser and heat to damage fat cells. While it typically takes a few sessions, many report a reduction of 24% of their unwanted fat in about three months. As for Coolsculpting, this buzzworthy cosmetic procedure uses a handheld device that suctions fat just under the skin, freezing it, and destroying fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues, skin, or muscle. The treatment last about 30 minutes and is noninvasive, so you can go right back to your daily routine.

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