Introducing TruSculpt 3D

The Derm Group

TruSculpt 3D is the newest in non-invasive body sculpting and fat reduction technology. Using only RF energy (radio-frequency energy) Trusculpt 3D is able to reduce fat in the abdomen, flanks, arms, thighs, and chin. It’s radiofrequency energy goes deep below the surface of the skin, directly targeting fat cells and causing them to shrink. This treatment requires no anesthetic and patients will need absolutely no down-time to recover.

TruSculpt 3D is perfect for those who feel like they’ve done everything right—they’ve tried to eat well, they’ve joined the gym, but that dreaded fat is not budging! Looking for a non-surgical option? No problem! With just one hand-piece, this device transfers uniform heat directly to the area of your choosing. By being able to sustain higher temperatures over a longer period of time, TruSculpt 3D has shown better results in just half the time of other leading devices.

Patients will see improvement within 12 weeks of their treatment. Additional sessions may be required depending on your desired results.  Looking for TruSculpt 3D in New Jersey?  For a consultation, call us today! 


Click here for more TruSculpt 3D Before and After photos!

Interested?  Check out this video below to see just how easy your TruSculpt 3D visit will be!