Healthy Habits for Healthy Skin – What to Eliminate and What to Add

Fall is in full force and the holidays are just around the corner. We’ve been cheering on our favorite football teams, picking apples and pumpkins, and emailing family members for Thanksgiving plans. We have so much to be grateful for this year and with this month being all about gratitude, we’d like to send a special thanks to our wonderful our patients at The Derm Group. Of course, with indoor heat turning on and temps dropping outside, it’s also a good time to review our healthy habits for healthy skin.

Healthy Skin

Did you know that your skin is an organ? That’s right; in fact, your skin is your body’s largest organ and with it being exposed, it’s vital to protect this valuable asset. The Derm Group’s board-certified dermatologists talk to patients every day about how to have the healthiest skin possible.

 What to Eliminate for Healthy Skin

You’re probably familiar with some of the familiar skin saboteurs like sun damage. There’s more wrecking daily havoc on your skin, however. The vices we love to indulge in are chipping away at our skin’s health and beauty.


Alcohol is making the rounds at holiday tables AND killing the collagen in your skin. Looking older than your age is generally attributed to heavy drinking.


It goes without saying that smoking is hard on your skin, so if you are a smoker, find a good program to stop or ask us for recommendations.


Holiday goodies have lots of sugar, which accelerates aging through a process called glycation that can affect what type of collagen you can build.

Hot Showers

Although they feel great, avoid long, hot showers that sap moisture from skin cells and lead to dry skin and irritation. We suggest taking these things in moderation to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. 

What to Add for Healthy Skin

 It’s back to basics when it comes to what to add to your routine for healthy skin.


The old adage about “drinking plenty of water” rings true not only for your body’s internal health, but for your skin’s bounce and moisture. If you can’t stomach the prescribed 8 full glasses a day, try infusing your water with lemon slices, mint, or berries. Carbonated seltzers (non-alcoholic) that are sugar free also count.

Healthy Snacks

A good choice for snacking includes water-loaded fruits and veggies. We love serving up sliced cucumbers, peppers, and celery with our holiday dips. Citrus fruits are in season in the winter months so load up on sliced oranges and grapefruit along with delicious pineapple, kiwi and melons. You’ll get the bonus of vitamin C, an immune booster, too.


Don’t think you can skip sunscreen just because it’s cloudy or the earth isn’t baking with summer’s heat. UV rays seep through clouds, precipitation, and are active all year, no matter the season. When snow inevitably comes, the sun’s rays bounce right back onto your precious skin. Layer up with a daily moisturizer containing SPF 30 on exposed areas like face and hands.

Lotions and Creams

It’s also important to use a rich lotion on your entire body to eliminate scaly, itchy, and dry skin from the lack of humidity. We recommend our patients apply lotion or creams after a bath or shower to lock in moisture. The Derm Group loves guiding our patients in how to have healthy skin for life!

With fall and this season of gratitude upon us, we’re grateful for YOU and your business. If you’re experiencing skin issues with the change in seasons, schedule an appointment with The Derm Group by calling 973.571.2121.