Can Regular Exercise Help Your Skin?


Exercise does more than just keep your body in shape. It helps with organ function, digestion, mental health, and does a lot of good for your skin too. For example, when you follow a regular workout routine, you’ll probably notice a reduce in stress. That’s good news for your skin. The stress hormones have been known to influence the oil-producing sebaceous glands. Oily skin can contribute to eczema and acne flare-ups. No thanks.

You also have to consider the benefits in the increase in blood flow. Blood oxygenates and removes waste products like free radicals from your cells, which in turn helps to cleanse your skin on a cellular level. Working out isn’t going to give you perfect skin, but it will improve your appearance and wellbeing overall. What matters is that you make smart choices in your routine to avoid flare-ups and protect your skin.

Protect Yours Skin When Staying Fit

Wear Sunscreen

If you really want to maximize the benefits of exercise, don’t overlook basic skin protection. If you exercise outdoors, the sun’s damaging rays can add years to your appearance and increase your risk of skin cancer. If you have concerns about sunscreen clogging your pores or getting in your eyes, find an oil-free product instead.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes

Chafing irritation and acne flare-ups are pretty common with exercise for those with sensitive skin. Prevention is key here. When possible, choose clothing that is either loose or wicks moisture. That goes for bras, socks, and hats too.

Wash Before Your Workout

Prevent clogged pores and acne flare-ups by washing up and staying makeup free for your work out. Make up and dirt will only clog your pores. But, keep in mind, showering too often can dry out your skin and irritate it. So, when you do shower, moisturize or apply powder to prevent any irritation on your face and body.

Stay Cool

If your rosacea flares up when you break a sweat or when your skin flushes, it’s time to rethink your workout routine. Opt for cool, indoor environments instead of the outdoors where it’s hot. Or, even better, go for a swim instead of a run. Apply cool compresses on problem areas of the skin if you feel flushed after working out.

Moisturize Before Your Workout

When you sweat, the salt from your perspiration can exacerbate your eczema or psoriasis symptoms. Lather on a moisturizer, especially on areas with skin creases such as the groin and underarms. Moisturizer can provide a barrier to protect your skin from irritation.

If you would like to talk to a board-certified dermatologist about your flare-ups, request a consultation with The Derm Group online or by calling (973) 571-2121.