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– You trust your Dermatologist with your skin
Now trust your Dermatologist with your skincare –

Introducing dermPERFECTION!
Developed with the most advanced “composing chemists” in the country—our dermPERFECTION line is super-effective and reasonably priced.  Our objective at The Derm Group is to provide you with the best care for your skin, and with dermPERFECTION we can be sure you are using safe, gentle products to protect your skin daily.  Our skincare associates can work with you to create a regimen of quality products that are non-irritating.  They are able to work with any  topical medications that may have been prescribed to you by our Dermatologists.  Come in to our SkinCare Centers today to discuss a simple and effective routine for healthy, beautiful skin!

Power Pads – Specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. Our Power Pads contain ultra-pure Glycolic Acid and 2% Salicylic Acis. These cleansing pads also contain Green Tea Extract and Zinc for an anti-inflammatory response on cystic acne.  Optimal when used with topical acne prescriptions. Available in 5% or 10% Glycolic/Salicylic strengths.    $32-$38

Handle with Care Hand Cream – This hand cream provides long lasting skin moisturizing protection and prevents dry, chapped skin. Contains Glycerin and Dimethicone.    $24

Derm Glow Pads – These pads contain Mandelic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Phytic Acid which help with healing break outs, pigmentation, and inflammation, and promote a natural glow. Great for all skin types as a weekly exfoliation treatment.    $64

Glycolic Acid Pads 20% – These gentle pads are an exfoliating treatment that assists with the removal of oils, residue and dead skin. Contain Witch Hazel, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.    $39

BB Defense – A physical sunscreen made specifically for your face. It provides both antioxidant protection and sun protection. Formulated with a universal tint, it leaves a silky, matte finish, and can be worn as a BB Cream, or used under foundation as a primer.        $66

AM Defense – These single dose ampoules nourish, restore and rejuvenate the skin with three forms of active Vitamin C.  Help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as visible signs of environmental damage.  Biopeptides work to enhance the skins natural resilience and smoothness.     $72

PM Defense – These single dose ampoules are for use at night. This nighttime renewing & fortifying treatment containins Antioxidents & Retinol to help repair and firm your skin.    $72

Rapid Spray – This fine mist offers serious hydration and natural skin barrier protection through ingredients like essential lipids and petroleum jelly in a non greasy light texture.  Strong enough for use on Eczema and Contact Dermatitis but gentle enough for use as a daily moisturizer.     $36

Blemish Defense – Our Blemish Defense moisturizer is an acne treatment that combines 2% Salicylic Acid in a gentle, non-drying & hydrating base formula.     $37

Find Your Balance Cleanser – Our gentle and effective balancing cleanser is for all skin types.  It is paraben free and fragrance free and leaves skin clean, soft, and supple.    $25

Calm It- Rash Relief Spray – This spray is for Eczema and Dermatitis prone skin. It contains Aloe & Ceramides to calm and hydrate irritated skin.     $19.50


Available at our Skincare stores in: Livingston, Verona, Paramus, Riverdale, and West Orange.