Baby Skin Care 101

Mom washing toddler in tub

Baby skin is enviably soft and smells like heaven… until it isn’t and it doesn’t. The truth is, a baby’s skin is just as delicate as the rest of them, which is why having a baby-friendly skin care routine is the best way to ensure you are taking the very best care of that touchably soft skin.

When it comes to bath time, there are few things cuter than your little one splashing about in the tub. Though they make plenty of yucky messes day in and day out, babies don’t need long, luxurious baths every day. Realistically, they only need a couple baths a week to avoid drying out their sensitive skin and removing necessary oils.

When you do bathe your little one, it’s important to consider the products you are using. You’ll want to use gentle bath products that are formulated for babies. These are made without alcohols, dyes, deodorants, and other harmful or toxic chemicals. Also, don’t forget to check for tear-free shampoos.

When bathing, clean all those nooks and crannies. Some babies have more folds than others, but all babies have delicate areas to ensure are clean and dry before moisturizing. Dry is the key word here. Not dried out, but dry. You definitely don’t want to put a diaper on a wet bottom. Diaper rashes are the worst. When getting the bottom diaper-ready, you can skip the powder. Baby powders are not good for their lungs. You can liberally apply a water barrier like Vaseline or Aquaphor.

Now it’s time to lotion. Baby’s skin is easily dried out so lathering on a gentle moisturizer will help prevent eczema and dry, flaky skin. You’ll be reapplying throughout the day too, especially if your home is dry. Feel free to add a cool mist humidifier to their bedroom.

Keeping baby skin hydrated and avoiding irritants are the most important parts of newborn skincare. Of course, babies get a host of weird rashes. bumps, mystery spots and flaking, but most newborn skin issues are nothing to be concerned about. It’s all part of the journey.

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