Acne Treatment Trends to Avoid

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As mask-wearing regulations are being lifted, so is the very thing that’s been hiding that acne for over a year. It’s time to get control of this chronic skin condition. In order to do that, you need real guidance from board-certified dermatologists… not social media trends. Here are some acne treatment trends you may be hearing about and whether you should be shelling out money for them.

Drinking Chlorophyll Water

You’ve most likely caught the buzz about the latest TikTok trend sending people out in droves to buy chlorophyll water. It involves mixing ice water with liquid chlorophyll (yes, the same stuff that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy) and drinking it down for clear skin.

But can it really help, or is it just another bandwagon to jump on and off? This one isn’t so cut and dry. People with acne have a need for antioxidants to slow inflammation, and chlorophyll has loads of it. It’s also high in vitamins C, A, E, and K, all great for fighting free radicals that happen when the skin is damaged. The truth is, there just isn’t enough data out there to suggest it will do the trick. It may have benefits for those with inflammatory acne, but likely will do nothing for cystic acne sufferers. Time and research will tell. Before you start your daily green drink routine, talk to your Derm Group dermatologist.

Using Raw Potatoes to Treat Acne

Another acne treating trend making its rounds is the idea that taping a potato to your pimples will make them disappear overnight. While some have claimed to have great results when trying this trick, let’s explain why that might be. For one thing, potatoes contain salicylic acid, the same ingredient you’ll find in your face wash and acne cleansers. Its high starch content is also drying to the skin, which may help with pimples. Before you go slicing up a spud and attaching it to your face, your better bet is to reach out to a derm for something tested and proven.

Toothpaste to Clear Away Blemishes

We’ve all either tried this or seen someone who has. You dab a little white toothpaste on a pimple before bed and wake up with a much less inflamed face. This one has been around for a while, but does it still work? Not likely. Toothpaste used to contain triclosan, which has antibacterial properties. That’s what is attributed to helping reduce acne. It has since been removed from toothpaste by the FDA, meaning your toothpaste trick is not helping any more. Follow a derm’s advice and use it for your teeth, not your face.

If you really want to get rid of your acne for good, you need professional advice, not social media. Everyone’s skin is different and you could easily make matters worse. If you’re serious about getting acne treatment, schedule an appointment with The Derm Group by calling 973.571.2121.