6 Reasons You Can’t Stop Scratching Your Scalp


It’s winter time, the season when every inch of your skin feels like its drying out. Your scalp is no different. But just because dry skin can be the cause of your incessant head scratching doesn’t mean it’s not the sign of a dermatological issue. In fact, there are a number of reasons you have an itchy scalp.

What’s Causing Your Itchy Scalp?

1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis, which can affect all parts of your skin, can also create a lot of discomfort on your scalp. What is psoriasis? It’s an autoimmune disease that causes patches of red, itchy, and scaly skin. You might see dandruff-like flaking or confuse it for a dry scalp. You can treat it with medicated shampoo, or you can take part in the clinical trial at our dermatology offices in Verona, NJ.

2. Scalp Ringworm

The good news is, ringworm isn’t literally a worm. It’s an infection caused by a fungus that manifests as a red, incredibly itchy rash on your scalp. One of The Derm Group’s board-certified dermatologists can prescribe a medication to treat ringworm.

3. Hives

A rash of itchy, raised, red bumps on your scalp (or anywhere on your skin) could be hives. It can be caused by a food allergen, contact dermatitis, medication, or an infection. While they usually go away on their own within a few hours, chronic hives are long lasting and require treatment from a dermatologist.

4. Flaky Dandruff

We’ve all seen the commercials. If your scalp itches and you discover flakes on your shirt, you likely have dandruff. Typically, using a dandruff shampoo will take care of the issue, but if it’s just not going away you can call your dermatologist for a stronger option.

5. Contact Dermatitis

Maybe you didn’t rinse the shampoo out well enough, maybe you are allergic to your conditioner, or maybe the products you are using just don’t agree with your sensitive skin. Whatever the reason, your scalp can become dry and flaky, or even develop a rash. It’s time to reassess the products you are putting in your hair and try something for sensitive skin.

6. Scabies or Head Lice

If the itching is so maddening it wakes you up from a deep sleep, you could have scabies or even head lice. That’s right. Bugs. Scabies are tiny human itch mites that burrow into your scalp and create bumps or an itchy rash. This requires treatment from a dermatologist. Head lice, on the other hand, are tiny bugs that cause an itchy scalp and lay eggs on your hair follicles. This you can tackle at home. Just don’t share hats or pillowcases until they are gone.

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